Own workshop with below facilies

14 ft Lath, 4.5 ft Lath, Hydro Sand Blaster 500Bar, Pillar Drill Machine, Air Compressor, EOT 5MT,

world Quality SErvice

We re-built engines regularly, Having technical start for the same job

Boat refurbish jobs

FRP Jobs, Pettern Making, Poly Urethane Painting, High pressure hydro Wash

Lifetime support

You can ask for support any time for your boat and marine engine even you have not bought from us.

We Are Committed
To Customer Satisfaction

All job under one roof

Marine Transmission Testing Facilities

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Some potencial Products

Semi Enclosed Lifeboat

Alway available

Fully Enclosed Lifeboat

Normally available

Open Lifeboat

Rarely available

Speed - Jet Boats

Alway available